Here you’d find our payment terms and learn about how we charge you as well as how to cancel or pause your membership.

    EBA is a non-profit social enterprise and any surplus is reinvested in the academy and the wider badminton community.


    Our membership is a flexible monthly subscription based on which weekly sessions you attend. As as member you gain the following benefits:

    Cheaper sessions

    Your membership is at least 25% cheaper that paying per session

    Reserved space

    You have a guaranteed place at the sessions you’ve signed up for

    Discounted competition fees

    Get involved in events at reduced cost

    What happens if I cancel a date?

    You will receive a credit that can be used to book an alternative. You have 4 weeks from the date of the cancelled session before it expires.

    We cannot provide refunds for sessions you were not able to attend. While you have a guaranteed space at your main session, alternative sessions are subject to availability.


    We take payment by GoCardless (direct debit) or Stripe (card) on the first of each month.


    The membership runs all year with an optional pause during July and August. Any sessions that stop over July & August will be paused automatically.

    Equal payments

    We set the membership prices by calculating a yearly cost and dividing into equal monthly payments. Months may have 5, 4 or 3 weekly sessions but the monthly price remains the same.

    Unavailable dates

    Sometimes the facilities we close for holidays or other occasions. We take these dates into consideration when setting the monthly price and ensure each player has a minimum number of session per year.

    As a bonus to members we provide a credit whenever your usual session is off. You can use it to book an extra session but you won’t be losing value if you don’t.

    Unplanned cancellations

    If there’s any unplanned cancellations where we can’t provide an alternative we’ll contact you to compensate you


    If you need to take a break you can pause by completing the form below. We have rules on when and how this can be done to minimise admin and ensure spaces aren’t wasted.

    Do not cancel your payment method

    If you pause, we’ll keep your space for you on your return so you don’t need to join the waiting list. We just need you to keep the payment method active, we’ll pause payment on our side.

    Deadline – 23rd of the month

    So we can process it on time, you must let us know by the 23rd of the previous month. After this we aren’t able to pause your membership.

    One or two full months

    We can pause your membership for one or two full months. We aren’t able to pause for longer than this, for partial months or dates that are mid month.

    1st January to 1st March
    15th January to 15th February
    1st January to 1st April
    1st January to 15th January
    Pause my membership


    If you would like to stop your monthly payments we require notice by completing the form below.

    We require 14 days notice

    We still have to pay our coaches and venues so we really appreciate being given notice so we can offer the space to another player.

    Just started?

    If it’s been 14 days or less since your first session and you decide it’s not for you can cancel with no notice. We’ll refund any sessions that you have paid for and cancelled.

    Cancel my membership

    Late payment

    We are very understanding of circumstances that might affect your ability to pay on time. Just get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to keep you or your child on court.

    Once your direct debit is set up there’s no need for you to remember to pay each month.

    However if you delaying setting it up, change accounts or there’s insufficient funds you might end up not paying on time. The more time we spend asking for payment the less time is spent on coaching and improving your experience at EBA.

    Missed payment

    We’ll first notify you of the missed payment and let you know how to pay. If you are struggling financially please let us know and we’ll make sure that we support you during this time.

    Payment is required within 28 days of being notified. If we don’t receive full payment within that timeframe or communication about your financial situation we would need to cancel your membership and ask you to leave the club.

    Update payment method

    You can register a new direct debit if your bank account changes. Please also contact us to let us know you want to change.

    New direct debit

    If your card details change you can update your payment method using the Stripe customer portal.

    Update card on Stripe

    You can create a new payment method with card using the link below. Please also contact us to let us know you want to change.

    New payment method on Stripe