Non members

    Junior and adult players are welcome to make ‘pay per session’ bookings without joining as a member. Please double check that the sessions you wish to join are a suitable level/age for you/your child.

    If you cancel a ‘pay per session’ booking you’ll get a credit that can be used to rebook an alternative.

    Membership vs ‘Pay per session’

    Members are regular players at a session and pay a monthly fee. They get discounted fees and reserved space at sessions along with other benefits.

    If you can attend 3 sessions per month or more we definitely recommend a membership.

    How to view our sessions

    It’s easy to look through our schedule to see available options and what sessions you have already booked. You can view and book sessions 4 weeks in advance.

    1. Select adult or junior sessions from the menu.
    2. Use the filters to narrow down sessions to your prefered day, level or location
    3. Select the session you’re interested in by clicking or tapping it

    You’ll see different options for booking depending on if the session has space, if you have a credit etc

    Booking a session

    If a session has space, you’ll be able to book a space. Please double check that it’s a suitable level and age for you or your child.

    If you have a credit available you’ll be able to book it immediately free of charge.

    Cancelling a session

    If you view a session you have booked for you will have the option to cancel it.

    After cancelling you’ll receive a credit which you can use to rebook an alternative. Credits will expire 4 weeks after the original booking date.

    Members will also receive a credit whenever their usual session is off.

    You can see your upcoming bookings and credits.

    Waiting lists

    When a session is fully booked you can join the waiting list to be notified as soon as there’s space. There’s two ways to do this.

    With autobook

    If you have a credit available you will see the option to ‘Autobook’.

    When a space becomes available you will automatically have it booked for you using a credit. Players with autobook take priority over those without.

    If you do not have a credit available when the space becomes available you will only be notified.

    – OR –
    Without autobook

    When space becomes available everyone on the list will be notified via text and email and be able to book.

    If someone gets there first just rejoin the waiting list for the next available space.

    Managing your repeat sessions

    To add or remove a session please get in touch with our team via WhatsApp, SMS or email.

    Changing payment methods

    Update or change payment methods